Is My Data Safe in Travel Portal Technology?

Is My Data Safe in Travel Portal Technology?

The travel world is changing steadily with the constant upgradation in travel industry and technology. Gone are the days of books and ledgers, travel industry has completely embraced the advances in information technology and almost all travel process are done online. Now it’s crucial for all travel agencies to have a website that highlights all packages and also allows the end users to create itineraries and make payment online. However, creating a website that has all these features can be very expensive and difficult to operate. In this , travel portal development in India has come up as an effective and cost efficient solution. It is a travel agency website software that incorporates all travel related functions under one software. However, many travel agents are still hesitating to accept this brilliant travel tech because of the fear that their data can get stolen or sold to competitors. As a travel company, we understand this insecurity and we take several steps to ensure data privacy and integrity. Here is how Tranxt is the safest option regarding data security for all online travel agents!

More Than 20 Years of Trust

Although, Tranxt travel portal is a new solution, it is backed by a core team that has been working in the field from past 10 years as Tenet Computers and Communication Solution. Over the past two decades we have gained customer confidence by engineering quality software solutions and services. We have always laid immense importance towards ensuring data security and privacy. This dedication towards quality service and reliability has empowered us to work with some huge institutions like BSNL India, Tata Consultancy Services, etc. We bring the same expertise and dedication in Tranxt and go extra-mile to provide an efficient and safe software for travel agencies.

Your Data is safe with Tranxt Travel Portal

We understand that database is very important and valuable in Travel Industry and hence we make sure that it remains safe. We employ a multi-level check to eliminate all chances of data theft. We group our security practices in 3 groups, physical security, network security and Human resource screening.


Physical Security

Your data is safe in tier 3 data centres which are the best security centres in India. These facilities ensure safety against several contingencies.

Round the clock security: The data centers are guarded round the clock by security guards who are hired after a multi-level scrutiny.

Biometric Authentication: All data centers have biometric authentication to curb security breach.

Undisclosed Locations: The servers of Tranxt Portal are located in undisclosed locations.

Protection from Natural Calamities: All server location has protection against natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and fire.


Network Security

Our network team walks extra mile to protect the data against even highly sophisticated data thefts. The system incorporates a three level encryption so that nobody can access the data without authorisation. Moreover, we also employ some of the best virus scanning protocols to remove harmful viruses.


Human Resource Screening: Be it our back office or data centers, we make sure that only the employees with a high level clearance can get access to your data. We also limit the data to only a few selected employees who are directly involved in providing tech assistance.


While all kinds of personal data are vital, one aspect where the necessity and requirement of data security are most rampant is businesses and portals. Most businesses have substantial amounts of data or information on a travel portal which they may want to keep confidential and protected from others. We respect your privacy and data security! As mentioned earlier, we have ensured various rigorous policies to secure your data. Yet to ease your concerns about the protection of your data from accidental or intentional but unauthorised modification, obliteration or disclosure, we help you create a backup on your personal devices and pull down all the information from our storage.

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