Boost Your Travel Business with Tranxt’s Online Travel Portal

Boost Your Travel Business with Tranxt’s Online Travel Portal

Boost Your Travel Business with Tranxt’s Online Travel Portal  

  In the continually changing world of the travel industry, it is imperative to stay updated. The travel industry has been one of the first to embrace the developments in the information technology.  Globally the travel companies are gearing up to find innovative and effective ways to market their products and services. With the rise in the Online Travel Agent (OTA) model, it has become mandatory to integrate all your products into one portal. However, building an in-house travel agency software involves a lot of hassles, and it demands a lot of resources and time involvement. Tranxt has devised the best solution to this issue. We have engineered this software for the travel agencies that helps you bring all your services under one portal and also gives you the freedom to customize it to suit your business model. Before we look at some of the features, let’s understand the importance of travel portal for Business.

Why Choose Travel Portals

With the world going online, a website has become a fundament al necessity for all travel agents. However, creating your own website is not as easy as it seems. While building static sites can be more accessible and affordable, it does not cater to the needs of the travel industry. The travel industry is constantly changing, and it’s crucial that your website stays updated with the recent developments. On the other hand, creating your own dynamic website demands a lot of monitory investments and expertise. After creating a website, you get dependent on the designer to make small changes. Tranxt online travel portal is a practical solution to all these problems. It gives you the freedom to make unlimited changes in your content and also let you select the outlook of your website. It takes less than 30 minutes to customize your website and link it to your domain. Moreover, the portal is designed keeping in mind the SEO structure which also helps in boosting your SEO score. Most Importantly, Tranxt Travel Portal is very cost effective and has a very low maintenance cost. The following are some of its unique features:

Itinerary builder

The Tranxt Portal incorporates an easy travel agent itinerary builder that helps you design and showcase your itineraries. Filling this travel itinerary builder is as easy as feeling up a form. You just have to enter the details in the backend and assign an image, and your work is done! Moreover, viewers can also download this itinerary in PDF and HTML formats. This feature ensures a better user experience and expedites the customer acquisition process.

Auto Quotation generator

Auto Quotation Generator is one of the most sought-after travel agency tools. Through this feature, you can help your viewers create customized quotation as per their plans and requirements. A viewer can get a detailed and well-designed quotation by entering essential details like destination or package, the number of people and number of days. This feature helps you save the time that is spent on creating custom quotations and mailing it to individual clients.

Marketing mail

Mail Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing channels in Travel Industry. Tranxt helps you in reaching all your business leads with an inbuilt mail marketing engine that allows you to keep track of all the mails you send and reach a more relevant audience. Tanxt’s mail engine lets you monitor the number of mails that reached the target email ids and those that bounced back. This helps you in creating better strategies and increase your ROI

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for travel industry gets easier with Tranxt Portal that enables you to link all your Social Media sites with your website which makes it easier to share content. Now you can share your itineraries and packages on your Social media website in just one click. Moreover, you can write blogs relating to your business on the portal which helps in keeping your followers engaged and also increase your search engine reputation with the help of SEO keywords. 

There are several other unique features like dynamic search, invoice and voucher creation, etc. Tranxt is a travel technology company in India that has engineered this travel portal which helps travel companies across the globe in getting a digital presence at an affordable price. Click here for more details regarding Tranxt travel portal.

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